How much Time Should I Give to My Church

Can I give you a couple of very scary stats? Here’s the first: 37% of people who attend church every week and identify themselves as evangelical don’t give any money to their church; 37%. They come and enjoy the blessings and the benefits of the local church that they are a part of and yet

Faith When Selling a Property

Over the weekend, Reverend Albright visited our home and detailed a story which provides hope and inspiration for people looking for faith when selling a property. Reverent Albright had a difficult time selling his house in the Charleston, SC area. It wasn’t until he found a partner, by the grace of God, that he was

Confession Of Faith Explained

The seventh chapter of the confession of faith has to do with a very large subject, the subject of God’s covenant with man. We might ask first of all what is a covenant? Well it’s not a contract some people tend to think of the covenant today as a contract, which is an agreement between

What do Presbyterians Believe?

I’m the pastor of a Presbyterian Church and I want to answer the question: what do Presbyterians believe? People ask that question a lot. Many people aren’t familiar with the beliefs of Presbyterians and I want to give you a little snapshot of what we actually believe. The first thing I should say is that

A Churchgoer Finds Jesus

Let me tell you about the time I found Jesus. I was a wild man in my younger days and didn’t care about anyone but myself. I hung out with lots of people I thought were my friends, but they really only hung out with me because we were drinking buddies. I would stay out

Why Jesus Doesn’t Want You to Become Sick and Broke

I want to talk to you today about why Jesus became sick and broke. Now when Jude– before Jesus– came to this Earth, he was not broke. No, he was walking on the streets of gold. He was not broke. When he was on this earth, he was not broke. Did you know that Jesus