A Churchgoer Finds Jesus

Let me tell you about the time I found Jesus. I was a wild man in my younger days and didn’t care about anyone but myself. I hung out with lots of people I thought were my friends, but they really only hung out with me because we were drinking buddies. I would stay out late, shared my bed with multiple women but never really had purpose to my life.

One afternoon after a long night of drinking and staying up late I was approached by a young women who I knew in our town. She was a friend of my parents and I didn’t ever really pay her much attention. She asked if I was happy. At that point in time I wasn’t feeling that well and I knew it wouldn’t help to lie to her and I said no, I’ve don’t know if I’ve ever truly been happy. She asked if I would go to an event with her and I obliged.

She drove me to the Covenant Presbyterian Church’s summer picnic. I wasn’t sure what to think when we pulled up. These weren’t the kind of people I was used to hanging out with. They had their life together, and were laughing and enjoying each other’s company, not like how I had interacted with people in the past.

Joan took me over to meet the Pastor. He was a nice man, looked to be in his mid 40s. He had a very gentle way about him and always used a calm voice. He asked him again if I was happy. I said I it had been a long time. He lead me over to the buffet table and told me to help myself. I enjoyed being around these people. They raised my spirits and I felt comfortable in their presence.

When everyone had sat down after getting their food we all held hands and Pastor said grace. I hadn’t ever been religious or been around religious people but his words really spoke to me. I had heard about Jesus but didn’t know much about him. When the prayer was finished we all continued to eat and I felt like part of the group. Pastor asked if I would join them at their gathering next week and I said I would.

That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the Covenant Presbyterian Church and I feel like I’m closer to Jesus and a better man for it. I no longer participate in the activities I thought I enjoyed when I was younger. I now have a clearer head and would much rather help other people and would much rather learn about my faith. The woman I met, Joan all those years ago is now my wife. I credit her with saving my life. She was the first person to introduce me to Jesus and I am thankful to her for that. I continue to attend Covenant Presbyterian Church and would recommend it to others that are searching to be happy.

I’d recommend anyone looking to get back in the church to find a mentor, and get yourself a Bible. Find one or of course, there are lot’s of bibles for sale online — whatever you do: seek the Lord.