Faith When Selling a Property

Over the weekend, Reverend Albright visited our home and detailed a story which provides hope and inspiration for people looking for faith when selling a property. Reverent Albright had a difficult time selling his house in the Charleston, SC area. It wasn’t until he found a partner, by the grace of God, that he was able to relocate to his new home.

As many know, Reverend Albright is a well-known visitor to our congregation. Making many trips to and from our location, and those around the South Carolina area, he was seeking to move closer to the Columbia, SC area. The problem he had was that there were no buyers, and little interest in purchasing his house in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

As many known, some Catholics bury the St Joseph statue when selling a home, as miracles in selling the house become apparent, though, our beliefs differ. When Reverend Albright was considering his options, he realized that he must do something.

By taking the right of the for sale by owner (FSBO) approach for some time, he welcomed a call by a local realtor who made great promises when selling his home. After several months of being on the market, the house never sold– no interest whatsoever, other than an open house which actually benefited the realtor to sell another house in the local market!

Reverend Albright was at a loss– what could he do to move on with his life other than pray for an answer, and take action when he could?

It wasn’t long after, though, a miracle came– his prayers were soon answered. After speaking with a young man at a coffee shop, he was informed of a service for people in his area who were trying to sell their house in Charleston and having great success. The Charleston Real Estate Guide is unique in several ways, mostly because it paired an agent with the seller based on their knowledge of Reverend Albright’s type of property. His house soon sold for near the asking price, but the big question is: was this an answer from God or simply a coincidence?

I urge you to understand that this is a man of strong faith. He has helped many people over the course of his life as a Reverend, and I believe this was a wink from God for the value and strength he willing gave to the world over the course of his career and lifetime. Sure, the young man at the coffee shop helped Reverend Albright connect the dots to a solution, though, it’s from Reverend Albright’s past positive thoughts and actions which helped him to realize the solution in the greatest time of need.

So the next time you’re selling a property, hand over your troubles to the Lord. For He hears you, and will show you the way. You simply need to showcase strong faith, an open mind, and be ready to act when it is your time. There is no need to be frustrated when selling your house. God hears you, and is awaiting to help you realize your dreams.