Why Jesus Doesn’t Want You to Become Sick and Broke

I want to talk to you today about why Jesus became sick and broke.

Now when Jude– before Jesus– came to this Earth, he was not broke. No, he was walking on the streets of gold. He was not broke. When he was on this earth, he was not broke. Did you know that Jesus was never sick a day in his life until the last day? The only day he was ever sick was the last day of his life. His natural life on this earth– the only day that he was broke– was the last day.

When Jesus was born, remember the story of the wise men who came to visit Jesus and they brought gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh– expensive gifts. Joseph and his family became very wealthy overnight. Now these were gifts from very rich people. He had enough which might take his whole family down into Egypt. There was probably enough money to keep his family living well throughout their entire youth to adolescence of Jesus and until he left home.

Now we don’t know that for sure, but he had a lot of money. Lots of money. Jesus did not grow up poor like some people grow up . But he became poor. In second Corinthians 89 it says, For we know the grace of our lord Jesus Christ, though he was rich. Yet for our sake he became poor. So that we through his poverty, might be made rich.

Now the word rich means more than enough. Here’s the deal: if you have $10 left over at the end of the month, you’re rich to some degree that’s a degree of wealth. That’s what most people in this country– out of 320,000,000 people in this country, I guarantee you probably 60 or 70 percent of them do not have $10 left over at the end of the month when they pay the bills. Amen.

So if you have $10 left over (hat you don’t need for your bills), you’re Rich. Now there are different degrees of wealth. There’s. Bill Gates wealth, Warren Buffett wealth and there’s a guy across the street wealth. The guy who’s worked all of his life, has some money saved, has this house paid for, pays bills and has some extra money to go on vacation. Compared to most people,he’s rich. There’s different degrees of.

My intention is to get everybody to the point: where they have money left over. Once we get you to the point where you have money left over every month, then we’re going to take you up. God wants you live in abundance. Jesus said that You might have life and have it more abundantly. Abundance is when you have lots of money left over at the end of the month and that’s where one should live.

He wants to live in abundance. As a matter of fact everything he did was pointing toward abundance. Christ has redeemed us from the curse law being made. The blessing of Abraham can come on the gentiles until you watch that blessing brings abundance. It brings more than just $10 left over to end of the month. It brings lots of money left over at the end of the month. It brings money left over.

Now we’re not talking about billions of dollars here. I’m talking about plenty of money. I’m talking about money where you could live anywhere you want, drive any kind of a car you want, go to any restaurant you want and order anything you want. You’re not ordering off the cheap side of the menu– order anything you want, buy any thing you want. That’s the point now– there’s different degrees of abundance. The guy across the street, again, can go on vacation, buy new car when he wants to and he’s living in abundance. Bill Gates. on the other hand, he might buy something else. That’s real abundance.

The Jewish people : 85 percent of the Jewish people in this country live in what I call absolute abundance. That’s what God wants people to live. Now, Jesus became poor. He paid the price for poverty so that we could be rich. The devil has no right to keep you poor because Jesus paid the price. Amen.

Now as far as the sickness part of it goes, that’s in Isaiah Chapter 53. Isaiah 53 says– right here, he bore our griefs and carried our sorrows– sorrows means our pain and our sickness. He bore it. Now Jesus was only sick the last day of his life on this Earth. That was the only day. But I’ll tell you what, that day he was very ill. He was beaten to within an inch of his life. He was sick as sick could be– absolutely totally sick., suffering, almost dying. The lashes — that’s how they did it back then. But he took that so that we could live in health.

I’m telling you people, we are not called to be sick. We are called to live in health. We are not called to live in sickness and disease.

This week alone we’ve had two people healed at stage 4 cancer! Glory to God! That’s the way it’s supposed to work. We’ve had the people healed of melanomas, brain tumors. breast cancer (that spread all the way through their bodies down to 50 pounds), people raised up off their death beds. The reason for was because Christ bore our sorrows. He bore our sickness and he bore our pain. We are healed because of the suffering of Jesus.

We are made rich because of the suffering of Jesus. We’re saved because of the suffering of Jesus. The day Jesus went to the cross, provision for your abundance happened. The day Jesus went to the cross– now here’s here’s some of what you think about: the devil has no legal right to your soul, to your health or to your finances. No legal right! The only time the devil has a right to your health or your finances is if you open your mouth and give it. I’m not giving the devil the right to my finances. I’m not giving the devil the right to my health. The minute you say we get sick all the time: you’re given the devil the right to your health.

Did you say I can’t afford that? You’re give the devil the legal right to your finances. Keep your mouth shut. Keep your mouth shut and watch your words. I’m telling you I can’t emphasize this enough. I talk about this all the time. The only thing standing between you and the devil is Jesus, and if you open your mouth Jesus will step aside. Watch your words as long as you want your words your off limits to the devil.