July 2018

Coming Up

  • Soup Kitchen on Saturday, July 7th at 9:00am.
  • Covenant’s Small Group will meet on Sunday, July 15 at the home of Anne and Paul McChesney, 314 Holly Drive. All are welcome to join us for a fun evening of food, fellowship, and uplifting Christian conversation.
  • The Keenagers will be going for breakfast at Strawberry Hill on Tuesday, July 17 at 8:30am.

Make a joyful noise!

This summer, we are asking that you submit a favorite hymn for us to sing as our congregational anthem. Along with the suggestion, list what it is about the hymn that makes it special to you, or any other details about it that you wish to share. If the hymn is not in our hymnbook, we will find a copy of it and use it as an insert.

Please write down hymn suggestions and leave them in the office or email them to alexcovenantsc@gmail.com

Letters From Campers


“I had a lot of fun at Camp Fellowship! One of the many things that I enjoyed was play-ing outdoor activities, like Ga-Ga ball, four square, canoeing, and swimming. And another thing I liked was worship time when we learned about and prayed to God! Turner Hammett (Gena Hammett’s Son)


“Camp Fellowship is lots of fun! In night own camp, we did new and interesting night activities, like night swimming, kitchen raids, and night Ga-Ga ball. My favorite thing about the Bible Study and worship times was that I felt closer to God. I made bonds with new peo-ple and closer to friends from last year. I can’t wait to go back next year.

Prayer Requests

  • Covenant Presbyterian Church
  • Alexis Bezilla (friend of the Bleilers)
  • David and Catherine Dedmon
  • Family of Virginia Fulbright (Esther Waldrop’s niece)
  • June Garren (Cathy Baldwin’s mom)
  • Taylor Goode (M) (Bleilers’ Son)
  • Turner Hammett (Gena Hammett’s Son)
  • Mary Harris
  • Jay Jeter
  • Zak Kozimor (M) (Louise Waldrop’s nephew)
  • Sandra McKinney
  • Kosha Nesbitt
  • Miriam Turner
  • Remember our shut-ins
  • Families who have lost loved ones
  • Our President and officials in Washington
  • World Peace

(M) Indicated Military


July Usher Duty

  • July 8: Cynthia Bridges and Jim Fraley
  • July 15: Bob McMichael, Carole Sanders, and Jim Bleiler
  • July 22: Russ Sanders and Nancy Biggerstaff
  • June 29: Callaway Alford, Henry Polston, Terry Terawaki

July Welcome and Announcements

  • July 8: Russ Sanders
  • July 15: Callaway Alford
  • July 22: Charlie Darling
  • July 29: Nancy Biggerstaff

Session Update and Finances

No session meeting in June.

Financial Update as of May 31, 2018

May Income

  • $11,970
  • YTD $61,564

May Expense

  • $15,692
  • YTD $59,216

Net Totals

  • ($3,722)
  • YTD $2,347

July 2018 Calendar

July Calendar