June 2020

From the Pastor’s Pen

I’ve been writing some anecdotes based upon persons and experiences of my past years as a pastor. Perhaps the time will come when I’ll get them published for some kind of book. That is just one of the things which has maintained my interest and engaged my mind during the present virus crisis. Also, I have enjoyed preparing and delivering sermons via the means of the internet. Then we’ve been working on some things related to the church plans – men’s bathroom, painting the outside, and constructing a new sign. I’ve enjoyed visiting with many of you by telephone, especially our shut-ins. I’m happy to report that I have heard of no persons in our congregation who have experienced the coronavirus.

And regarding that virus and our inability to meet together in traditional worship, I want you to know that your session will be meeting on May 31 st and a time for opening again will be on our agenda. We all agree upon the fact that we must practice the upmost caution, even when it is accompanied with the strong desire to gather once again. Your prayers will be appreciated as we consider this and other important matters.

Above I mentioned my writing anecdotes. Well I’ve written none in the last week. Could it be that I’m experiencing what is commonly called “writer’s block”? Might be, but I’m not panicking, for there are those times when all of us need a break of some kind. Certainly, that must have been in the mind of God when he established the Sabbath. Don’t call it “down time”, for it may be something like refueling. Every automobile has a neutral for the transmission. Nighttime comes and we cease our labors and allow the body to recharge while we are asleep.

I pray I’m not stretching it too much, but it could be that this lock-down we are experiencing is something like that. If nothing else, it has taught me to not take “normal” for granted. I have actually complained in the past about normal. It’s something like vanilla ice cream – ho hum. Speaking of which, I’ve had a log of normal lately, so I’ve learned that fresh strawberries and chocolate syrup lift normal a few notches. Could be adding notches as well to my waistline. Nonetheless, if I keep this up; dressed up ice cream will become normal. But I won’t take that for granted. Normal may not always be exciting, but it contains an essential ingredient for our living – dependability. It seems safe, if not always flavorful.

A prayer (of sorts) …Dear God, sometimes we don’t know what we want. We have complained about normal times and changing time as well. Help us trust you are Loving, All-knowing Father with life as it comes – normal or otherwise. And if it should please you, may we learn to appreciate normal when it comes again. Andy by the way thanks so much for those Strawberry Hill strawberries and Hersey’s chocolate syrup. Amen.”

Jim Jackson


Due to the severity of the COVID-19 virus and the government mandates for social distancing there will be no events scheduled this month where we will be gathering as a group. As things change please look for further communications as we add events back to our calendar.

Prayer Group

The group which normally meets on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:30 are still, in their own homes, taking time for intentional prayer each week. If anyone would like to be on the communications for the prayer focus for the week or if there are any particular prayer requests you may email Connie Travaille at connie@travaille.email

Women’s Fellowship

Have you participated in a conference call with friends or family during the pandemic using zoom, google hangouts, MS teams, etc?

We are going to try our own Zoom call on Thursday, June 11th from 12pm—1pm!!

This will be a time for us to catch-up and get to see each other (virtually). You will need either a smart phone, computer with camera attached or a tablet with camera to participate. If you have one of those and want to join email Kristie at maczacfamily@gmail.com and she will send you the directions and even do a test call with your before Thursday.

Topic: What is Covenant women’s mission work going to be in the world we are in today?

Soup Kitchen

This month Covenant will NOT be helping with the Soup Kitchen as a church on Saturday, Jun 7th. If you would like to help that day or any other day please reach out to them directly for a day you can come along with what restrictions they may have in place.


June Birthdays

  • Eli Gainey – 6/7
  • Ann Campbell – 6/24

Congratulations to two of our guest choir members from Converse College who graduated this spring.

Kathryn and Madelyn Congratulations and Best Wishes!!

Dear Covenant Family

You gave us quite a wonderful going away drive by parade! We were totally surprised, as you could see from the way were dressed, and pleased that so many of you took the time to come by and wish us “Happy trails”. It was a very humbling experience. This was just another of the many ways Covenant reveals God’s love and caring for its members. We will cherish the memories of our time and experiences at Covenant as we have worshiped and served God with you, our church family. Our lives have truly been blessed at Covenant, but most of all our thoughts will always be focused on the loving and caring members, past and present. We will continue as members of Covenant long after we’re gone. Looking forward to seeing y’all later this summer!

God’s love and grace to all of you.

Jim & Emily Bleiler

Lots of thanks to Paul McChesney for coordinating the worship leaders and technical resources to bring us a weekly worship message online.

We all appreciate the hard work that everyone has put into providing their part to make it happen.

Thank you!

A photo book was put together that contained pictures of Jim & Emily participating in church events along with personal messages from members of the congregation. Thanks to those that provided content so this could be put together for them.

Session Updates

  1. Session had a called meeting on May 9 th regarding the new church sign. The design and cost were discussed and approved. The sign company will begin working and hopefully soon we will have our new church sign, that has a digital component, out in front of the church where passersby can see.
  2. Session had a scheduled meeting on May 31 st . The topic probably of most interest to the congregation is the ‘return to building’. The session discussed the recommendations by CDC & PCUSA along with what members have gathered from other churches. It was decided that they will move forward with preparing the church, worship leaders and congregation for a planned return on Sunday, July 5th. Connie working with the worship committee and a couple session members will be putting together guidelines and worship plans. They understand that everyone may not be comfortable coming back to the building yet so there will still be a weekly worship message posted for viewing at home.

Prayer Concerns

  • Jerry Williams’ family (Kim Biggerstaff’s father, passed away on May 17)
  • Family of Honorable Clyde K. Laney, Jr. (passed away on April 30th, wife Judy was our church secretary for many years)
  • Jay Jeter
  • Rev Charles Hall (Eddie Hall’s father)
  • Shut-ins (many haven’t seen family or friends for three months)