May 2019

Letter from the Pastor

At the recent Hymnfest, I told the congregation that one of my favorite hymns is “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (#563 in our Hymnal). I first sang the hymn at Union Seminary when I was working on my Master in Christian Education degree. It was a cold, January day, but that hymn lifted the assembly and warmed our spirits. The second part of the first verse says:

Sing a song, full of the faith that the dark past has taught us;
Sing a song, full of the hope that the present has brought us;
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun;
Let us march on, till victory is won!

Singing has often been a way of communicating our faith. The Israelites sang praises to God when they crossed the Red Sea in Exodus, fleeing captivity. Singing and dancing were appropriate responses when David captured the Ark of the Covenant and brought it back to Jerusalem. When the Disciples left the Upper Room with Jesus, they departed from the table singing a hymn. Miriam and Mary both sang for joy at the ways God was at work in their lives.

Singing sometimes allows us to tell our story that no other way can. And the hymns that we have allow us to sing of God’s great faithfulness to us over the generations. Recently I encouraged you to share your testimonies of the ways that you have seen the Lord. I hope that you will be able to share those stories faithfully with each other. And if you are unable to find the words to share, then use the words of your favorite hymn. Amazing Grace, Great is Thy Faithfulness, Be Thou My Vision, Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty the King of Creation, To God Be the Glory are some that you can start with. Or you may have your own. Either way – either through your story or through a song – tell your story.

Thank you for your great love and faithfulness. I am grateful for you all.


Session Highlights

Ben Barnette’s temporary contract as Office Administrator will end May 31. He is looking to pursue other employment options. A search for a permanent Office Secretary will begin this month.

We will say goodbye to many of our College Singers this month as they head home for the summer. Please take a moment to express your thanks for the many ways they have lead us in worship this past year.

Andy will be at the Synod of South Atlantic meeting May 1-3. He will be in Wyoming officiating a wedding May 8-11, then at the Festival of Homiletics in Minneapolis May 12- 15. The Rev. Dr. Phil Dunford will preach and lead worship May 12.

Covenant’s Small Group will NOT meet in May due to Mother’s Day being on the second Sunday. We will resume our meetings in June as usual.

May Usher Duty

  • May 5: Cynthia Bridges and Jim Fraley
  • May 12: Bob McMichael, Carole Sanders, and Jim Bleiler
  • May 19: Russ Sanders and Nancy Biggerstaff
  • May 26: Callaway Alford, Henry Polston, and Terry Terawaki

Prayer Requests

  • Covenant Presbyterian Church
  • Shelly Akers
  • Cathy Baldwin
  • Joan Barnhardt
  • Alexis Bezilla (friend of the Bleilers)
  • Ann Campbell
  • Chip Cecil (Ronnie Meeks’ friend)
  • Kathryn Clark
  • David and Catherine Dedmon
  • Gia Ellenburg (Ann Granger’s Daughter)
  • June Garren (Cathy Baldwin’s Mom)
  • Zeverly Glenn
  • Taylor Goode (M) (Bleilers’ Son)
  • Rev. Charles Hall (Eddie Hall’s Dad)
  • Mary Harris
  • Jay Jeter
  • Jeff Phillips (Cynthia Bridges’ Brother)
  • Sandra McKinney
  • Dave Starkey (friend of Bleilers)
  • Thad and Elaine Strickland
  • Charles and Miriam Turner
  • Remember our shut-ins
  • Families who have lost loved ones
  • Our President and officials in Washington
  • World Peace

(M) Indicated Military