May 2020

From the Pastor’s Pen


If nothing else, the current pandemic has taught us that life should never be taken for granted. Who would have imagined? We certainly have many matters to take up in our daily prayers. I’m so happy that a number of you have taken on the responsibility of checking with our membership periodically by telephone and I see no reason why that should not continue even when normality or something like it returns.

Communication is a challenge these days, yet I’m convinced our leadership is giving it their best. Perhaps I should mention several current activities we have going on around the church. First on the technology side we have over-hauled our website, and I have found it to be an excellent introduction to our fellowship. It’s possible now for us to connect with people most everywhere in the world. We have also made available a weekly worship service online for those who have smartphones or computers. Though these changes were made necessary by the virus to allow for continued communication and fellowship, there’s no reason why we cannot continue with doing this so that those not able to be physically with us can hear about us and view our worship service.

Second there are several improvements to our building going on. One of our recent, adopted goals was to renovate the men’s bathroom. I happy to say it has been completed and I know you will be proud of the new look so check it out, Ladies, please knock first. Currently the exterior trim of the church building is being repainted which has been needed for sometime. Having the trees around the church come down during the tornado has opened up the view of the church and the fresh color will be noticed by many. There are new Guest Parking signs in place in the parking lot and the sidewalks are being pressure cleaned.

Last we are making progress in designing and erecting a new church sign at the road. It will have a digital component that can be changed as often as we would like from inside the office. The City of Spartanburg has code requirements for such things which is good and we’ve conversed with them and received their approval for a design. Every effort is being made to see that the sign is informative, attractive, and capable of meeting our needs. Like any project of this size, a survey of the congregation would come up with many suggestions, all of which could not be included. We are consulting with both the session and properties committee in the final details. Believe it or not, substituting some colors could double the cost. Present bids are under the amount we received from insurance when the former sign was destroyed by the tornado. In the meantime, we’ve erected two temporary signs providing essential information about the church.

Delivering sermons from my dining room has proven to be a challenge for me, and I thank you for your kind remarks and prayerful support. The music has been very beautiful—thanks to Tiffany and the ladies from Converse. Eddie is continuing to stay in touch with our shut-ins, even sending them copies of each sermon.

One of our concerns associated with not being able to gather for worship has been finances. Yet you are to be commended for you continued, sacrificial support, making unnecessary any anxiety.

The daycare operating in our church basement has been discontinued for now due to the pandemic. Once they are back operational we will continue our discussions with them related to our continued relationship. Your prayers for those families and our relationship with the management will be appreciated.

I deeply appreciate partnering with you in the work of our Lord. Further, I pray for you each day. Stay safe and lovingly supportive of one another.

– Jim


Due to the severity of the COVID-19 virus and the government mandates there will be no events scheduled this month where we will be gathering as a group. As things change please look for further communications as we add events back to our calendar.

Prayer Group

The group which normally meets on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:30 are still, in their own homes, taking time for intentional prayer each week. If anyone would like to be on the communications for the prayer focus for the week or if there are any particular prayer requests you may email Connie Travaille at

Women’s Fellowship

Have you participated in a conference call with friends or family during the pandemic using zoom, google hangouts, MS teams, etc?

We are going to try our own Zoom call on Wednesday, May 6th from 12pm—1pm!!

This will be a time for us to catch-up and get to see each other (virtually). You will need either a smart phone, computer with camera attached or a tablet with camera to participate. If you have one of those and want to join email Kristie at and she will send you the directions and even do a test call with your before Wednesday.

Soup Kitchen

This month Covenant will NOT be helping with the Soup Kitchen as a church on Saturday, May 2nd. If you would like to help that day or any other day please reach out to them directly for a day you can come along with what restrictions they may have in place.


May Birthdays

  • 4th – Russ Sanders
  • 12th – Amy Fraley
  • 14th – Kristie Wade
  • 22nd – Ann Granger
  • 23rd – Elaine Strickland
  • 24th – Jim Biggerstaff