September 2019


Labor day is celebrated in the US as the first Monday in September. It is a day that honors the American labor movement and the power of collective action by laborers, who are essential for the workings of society. Included here is a Labor Day poem by Bobby Gilles that you can read as a devotion this month.

God of shop and marketplace,
Of farm and studio,
Factory and shipping lane,
Of school and busy home:
Bless the produce of our hands.
Redeem our work for Kingdom-use.
By Your grace, our efforts stand,
All offered up to You.
There in Eden, You proclaimed
That we should work the earth—
Stewards over all we named,
Delighted in their worth.
Through our fall we brought decay,
Lost access to Jehovah’s rest.
Through the cross, we rest in faith
And all our labor’s blessed.
In Your image we are made:
Creative like You are,
Forming goods for use and trade
Just like You formed the starts.
Send us out in power and skill
To worship through each task assigned.
By your Spirit we fulfill
The hold, grand design.

Congregational Meeting

Meeting will be held on September 22nd following the Fourth Sunday Luncheon. Please plan to attend since this is a critical time for our church and the discussions will be focused on Covenant’s future. It will be an informational meeting that will allow for question and answer time.


Do you know what fruit is in season?
That’s right APPLES!

September 17th the Keenagers will be traveling to Skytop Orchard in Flat Rock to get some yummy fresh apples. After which they will be grabbing some lunch before returning home. A sign-up sheet will be on the table in the hall.

9:30am Tuesday, Sept 17th

Small Group

Everyone is welcome to attend the Small Group which will be meeting Sept 8th that the home of the McChesney’s. There will be plenty of food and discussions and of course lots of friendly fellowship.

If you need directions please contact Anne or Paul.

Fellowship Luncheon

Join us every 4th Sunday after worship for a meal and time of fellowship. Bring a dish that can be shared with others and if you forget there is always enough.

Next meal on Sept. 22nd

Soup Kitchen

All of Covenant is asked to help with missions at Spartanburg Soup Kitchen. You don’t have to be Paula Deen or Emeril Lagasse . Just need people willing to give a few hours on Saturday morning to help prepare ingredients, wash dishes and serve to those needing a meal. Covenant has committed to prepare and serve the first Saturday of each month.

Sept. 7th—9:00 am

Clothing & Food Pantry

Covenant’s pantry is open once a month for those in need to come to the church and receive staple food items and clothing. In the month of July there were 25 people in need to come and then in August there were 20 people.

The pantry needs to be replenished with more non-perishable food items and men’s clothing (please, no items requiring dry cleaning). Pantry will be open on Wednesday, Sept. 25th from 11:00am—3:00pm.

Samples of needed Non-Perishable Items:

  • Cereal
  • Grits (instant packets)
  • Oatmeal (instant packets)
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Spaghetti Sauce and Pasta
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Soup
  • Canned Fruit
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Canned Meats (Spam, Tuna, Chicken)
  • Beef Stew (canned)
  • Canned Pastas

Guest Preachers

We welcome this month’s guest preachers to Covenant!!
  • Sept 1—Phil Dunford
  • Sept 8—Kirk Neely
  • Sept 15—Landon Hammett
  • Sept 22—Eddie Hall
  • Sept 29—Ginger Shuler


  • Sept 1—Bob McMichael, Carole Sanders
  • Sept 8—Russ Sanders, Nancy Biggerstaff
  • Sept 15—Callaway Alford, Henry Polston, Terry Terawaki
  • Sept 22—Cynthia Bridges, Jim Fraley
  • Sept 29—Bob McMichael, Carole Sanders, Jim Bleiler

Prayer List

Special prayers for the these individuals
  • Amy Fraley
  • Kathryn Clark
  • Jay Jeter
  • David and Catherine Dedmon
  • Thad and Elaine Strickland
  • Charles and Miriam Turner
  • Jean Burke and family
  • Dan Sanford (Connie’s brother)
  • Tim Travaille (Connie’s son)
  • Alex Bezilla (friend of the Bleilers)
  • Chip Cecil (Ronnie Meek’s friend)
  • June Garren (Cathy Baldwin’s Mom)
  • Taylor Goode (M) (The Bleiler’s son)
  • Rev. Charles Hall (Eddie Hall’s father)
  • Jeff Phillips (Cynthia Bridges’ brother)
  • Therlon Joyner
  • Terry Terawaki


  • Thad Strikland – Sept 1
  • Louise Waldrop – Sept 2
  • Cora Mae Chambers – Sept 3
  • Therlon Joyner – Sept 6
  • Linda Jeter – Sept 9
  • Will McChesney – Sept 12
  • Agnes Darling – Sept 18
  • Ronnie Meeks – Sept 27
  • Maggie Gainey – Sept 30

Events Quick List

  • Sept. 4th—Prayer Group
  • Sept 7th—Soup Kitchen
  • Sept 8th—Small Group
  • Sept 11th—Prayer Group
  • Sept 17th—Keenager’s trip
  • Sept 18th—Prayer Group
  • Sept 22nd—Fellowship Luncheon
  • Sept 25th—Clothing & Food pantry open
  • Sept 25th—Prayer Group
  • Sept 29th—Congregation Meeting

If you have something you would like to include in the October newsletter please pass along to church office.

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